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RXRB-02 READY BOARD (CE, RoHS Certified)

  • RXRB-02


  • 8537109090



A Ready Board is a small gadget used to distribute power in a small building of two rooms or less.Since no wiring is needed, extension cables are used to supply power from the gadget to places where power is needed.When using Ready Board, one does not need electrical wiring in the property, therefore can save wiring cost. 


Ready Board is basically a set of the following items:

  • Includes: 1 x QA 17C 63A, 2 x QA-1 13mm 20A, 1 x Switched Bulkhead, 3 x 16A Switched Sockets, 1 x 6A Euro Socket

  • Compatible with all the prepayment meters

  • Knockouts for additional circuit breakers and/or auxiliary products as well as 15 access points for conduit or twin and earth wire

  • Switches (light and socket outlets) have a glow-in-dark fluorescent insert

  • Warning labels

  • Bulkhead light

  • Earth Leakage protection

  • Sealing facility

  • Mounting lugs

  • 6A Euro Switched socket

Ready Board is supplied to customers along with a metering unit for measuring electricity consumption. 


 Altitude (above sea level) :1600m 

 Maximum outdoor temperature: 40 ℃ 

 Minimum outdoor temperature : -1 ℃ 

 Maximum monthly mean temperature:35 ℃ 

 Annual mean temperature:22 ℃ 

 Maximum relative humidity:60% to 96% 


Ready Board-Small Power Distribution Unit (SPDU)
Type RXRB-02
Standards IEC 60060, IEC 60898-1, IEC 61009-1, IEC 60039 Group C, C2a
Rated Voltage-Frequency 220/230V 50/60HZ
Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker Type: 1×63A Earth Leakage Protection
MCB Type: 1×QA 17C 63A, 2×QA-1 13mm 20A
Terminal With Seperated PE and N bar
3 Socket Outlets with Switch 3×16A Socket Outlets, 1×16A Euro Socket
Enclosure Material ABS or Polycarbonate
Degree of Protection IP 31
                                                             Anti Vandal Bulkhead Luminiaire Fitting
Light Bulb
Replacable 100W MAX
Holder E27
Main Supply 220V/230V 50/60HZ
Finish Black/Transparent
Weather Rating IP31
Enclosure Material ABS or PC Cover, Nylon Base
Lamp Holder With a bayonet lamp holder complies with IEC 61184
Ambient Suitable for indoor or outdoor use

In the place without risk of fire, explosion, severe vibration, serious pollution, chemical corrosion, without corrosive gas, dust, salt fog and dew in the air.


ready board


Check Before Mounting 

1. The ready board is tested as qualified for delivery. Before the operation, please make sure that the package, ready board and the sealing screws on the enclosure of the ready board is intact. If there is any damage or the ready board is stored for a long time, the ready board should be rechecked by the authorized department before the installation and operation. 2. Before put into use, check the rated current and voltage of each element of ready board carefully, to see if it is the same as the fact, and carry on trial run with the switch closing and open method possessed by mechanism to check whether each index is suitable. 3. The ready board should be installed in dry and ventilated place where is firm and without stake. 4. In the course of mounting and using, strictly prohibit striking shell of ready board by hard object. 5. Users should not exchange the electrical elements which aren’t the original model used. 6. Operation persons should learn about the structure, features, knowledge of installation, adjustment and maintaining of the ready board. Keep a record for the problem which my occur during using. Notify the manufacturer if necessary. 7. The ready board should be wired strictly in the right connection method . The fix up bolt and the screw down joint board should be tightened.


1. The ready board shouldn't be struck violently when it is being transport, opening packing. The box should be marked on "up" "take care" "avoid wet" etc. 2. Place it in a dry room when encasing, opening and keeping the package. Check whether the products and every component are complete. 3. The ready board should be stored in the original box within environmental temperature of -5℃-+45℃ and relative humidity not more than 85% and without corrosive gas. 4. The ready board should be kept in a dry, ventilation, damp-proof, quake-proof, harmful-gas-corrosive-proof storehouse, and it should be put on the shelves, not more than five cases . should be in the original packing condition in inner boxes. If keeping for a long period, please make sure that the environment is suitable. 


Within 18 months since the delivery date, if it's found that the product doesn’t conform to the standards, it would be repaired or replaced free of charge on the condition that the customers operate it in the right way and no external caused damage on it and the seal is intact.



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    Add : Baitawang Industrial Zone, Beibaixiang Town, Yueqing City, 325603, China
    Phone : +86-18767732171
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