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Non-Standard (Customized) Distribution Board

Non-Standard (Customized) Distribution Board

"Non-standard Distribution Board" refers to non-standard Distribution Board, which is not manufactured according to the unified industry standards and Specifications issued by the state, but designed and manufactured according to the needs of its own use. And the appearance or performance of the equipment is not in the national equipment product catalog.


Equipment classification


Non standard equipment and project R & D:




R & D and manufacturing of large and medium scale non-standard measuring equipment


Surveying and mapping engineering undertaking


Design and development of measurement system in special measurement environment


Development and manufacture of measuring equipment for special inspected parameters


Experimental testing and performance verification


Design and manufacture of nonstandard experimental testing machine


Design and manufacture of performance verification machine for new product development


Other experimental equipment


Automation and Mechatronics


Design of non standard automatic production line


Design of PLC control system and industrial control equipment


Other Mechatronics design


Hydraulic and transmission


Development of large and medium sized hydraulic system


Development of hydraulic transmission system


Other hydraulic design


Special machine tools


Design and manufacture of various small special machine tools


Design and manufacture of special machine for other working modes


Project development


Undertake the development of large and medium-sized project management of Surveying


Undertake individual or enterprise patent product development


Other project content negotiation


Automatic assembly


According to the product parts, customized equipment according to customer requirements, save labor, improve efficiency.

distribution cabinet

distribution cabinet



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