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Why transparent meter boxes are popular?

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The transparent meter box does not need to be opened, and the watt hour and line of the meter are clear at a glance. It is more convenient for the administrator to read and maintain the meter. Some accidents have also been eliminated and some potential safety hazards have been greatly reduced. The old-fashioned meter box has many defects. With the development of the times, it can not meet everyone's needs. The old meter box has been completely replaced by the transparent meter box!

Compared with transparent meter boxes, most of the old-fashioned meter boxes are iron case shells with a layer of glass, which are easy to rust, fear of water, and easy to cause ignition or poor contact. The transparent meter box is uniformly promoted by the provincial company. Its shell is made of a new type of imported environment-friendly flame retardant polycarbonate (PC) injection molded with bulletproof glass and other materials. The material is more environmentally friendly, with high insulation, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and other functions;


The three major application fields of polycarbonate (PC) engineering plastics are glass assembly industry, automobile industry and electronic and electrical industry, followed by medical and health care and protective equipment. PC laminate is widely used in the protective windows of banks, embassies and detention centers, as well as in aircraft cabin covers, lighting equipment, industrial safety shutters and bulletproof glass;

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