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Why should the wires in the ready board be threaded according to the color code?

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Now the ready board manufacturers find that many constructors do not thread according to the color code when installing the ready board.

Consequence: if the wiring is not threaded according to the color code, when using the single-phase circuit, it is difficult to balance the load because it is not easy to identify the three-phase power supply, resulting in serious three-phase imbalance. When using the three-phase equipment, because there is no color code, it is easy to mix the phase sequence during wiring, and it is difficult to grasp the direction of rotation when the operation of some equipment needs fixed steering.

Measures: in order to ensure safety and construction convenience, the main line where the conductor in the ready board penetrates into the pipe according to the regulations can not be separated in color, but a section of main line circuit and each power branch from the pipe orifice of the line pipe to the main switch of the ready board (board) shall be separated in color according to the color code requirements. In this way, when using single-phase circuit, its load can be well balanced, and when using three-phase power supply, it can be connected according to phase sequence, so as to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.


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