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Which material is better for the meter box?

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When we say "meter box", we believe everyone is familiar with it, because it is inseparable from our life! Although we all know the meter box, we may not know much about its material, right?

Common meter boxes are made of bakelite, iron case, stainless steel and plastic meter boxes. The meter boxes made of different materials are suitable for different occasions. Do you know which one is better? Today, let's introduce the different uses of different materials of the meter box!

At present, the meter boxes used mainly include the following types: electric bakelite, iron shell, plastic, stainless steel meter boxes, etc.

1. Bakelite

There are two kinds of bakelite: bakelite and micarta:

① Bakelite meter boxes are used in both rural and urban areas. They have certain insulating properties, are cheap and fragile. They are mainly used in some old living areas. They are seriously damaged and are waiting to be renovated and replaced.

② micarta meter box: Compared with bakelite meter box, the bearing capacity is improved, and the toughness of the material is improved. However, the service life is 10 years, and the renewal period has expired.

2. Iron case meter box

Iron case meter box is characterized by its strong rigidity, high brittleness, non resistance to acid and alkali corrosion, easy rust and easy damage. The material of some iron sheet oil products can only be used in limited places. It is rated as the worst meter box for electrical safety. It is urgent to withdraw from the market.

3. Stainless steel meter box

The stainless steel meter box is attractive and hard, which solves the problems of strong rigidity, great brittleness, non resistance to acid and alkali corrosion, easy rusting, and easy damage later, and has good load capacity. However, the cost of stainless steel meter box is high and the market competitiveness is not strong. The insulation performance of the box does not conform to the national electrical safety specification and is restricted for use. Therefore, the usage and scope of stainless steel meter boxes are small.

4. Thermoplastic meter box

The initial application effect of this type of meter box is good, but the density and ultraviolet ray performance of the products are poor, so they are prone to aging, poor fire resistance, and frequent fire accidents. However, the bearing capacity is not enough, and there is a certain softening and creep under high temperature conditions, so the use under a large number of bearing conditions is limited.

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