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When "sparks" are flying out of the meter box, this is the correct solution

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A sparking electric meter box is a serious electrical fault that requires immediate and correct action to ensure safety. Here are the correct solutions to this situation:

Cut off the power: Cut off the power immediately. Locate the main power switch or circuit breaker and turn it off to avoid further risk of fire and electric shock.

Use fire extinguishing equipment: If the situation permits and you have the appropriate fire extinguishing equipment, you can try to put out the fire with a fire extinguisher. But please keep yourself safe and be ready to evacuate at any time.

Call the police: Call the emergency number to notify the fire department and power company for professional help.

Do not use water to extinguish electrical fires: Never use water to extinguish electrical fires as they may pose a shock hazard. Use appropriate fire extinguishing equipment, such as carbon dioxide fire extinguishers.

Evacuate: If the fire cannot be controlled or thick smoke is released, evacuate the building immediately to ensure your own safety. Follow an emergency evacuation plan.

Don’t Attempt to Repair: Never attempt to repair a meter box or electrical fault yourself, this should be handled by an experienced electrician.

Wait for professionals: After the fire is extinguished, wait for the power company or electrician professional to check and repair the fault to ensure the safety of the electrical system.

Dealing with a sparking meter box is a dangerous task and should be handled by professionals. Safety always comes first, so before taking any action, make sure you are safe and seek professional help as early as possible.

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