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What precautions should be taken when placing cables in waterproof electrical distribution box

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In recent years, as the development of power industry has driven the development of power equipment industry, China's electrical box industry is developing continuously, and the demand and requirements for products are also gradually increasing. Today, the distribution box introduces its use environment:

1. The ambient air temperature is - 5 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃, and the average value in 24h is not higher than + 35 ℃;

2. The altitude of the device address shall not be greater than 2000m;

3. The relative humidity of air shall not be greater than 50% at high temperature of + 40 ℃; The relative humidity can be higher at lower temperature, and the monthly average to low temperature shall not be higher than + 25 ℃. The monthly average relative humidity of this month shall not be greater than 90%, and the condensation on the product surface due to temperature change shall be considered;

4. The temperature during transportation and storage can range from - 25 ℃ to + 55 ℃, and the temperature can reach + 70 ℃ in a short time (no more than 24h).

When placing cables in waterproof electrical boxes, the following points shall be noted:

For plugs and sockets with different current ratings, cable glands can only be used for cables in the diameter range.

If the cable diameter is too small, the gap will not be blocked and dust will not be generated. Outdoor, rainwater will penetrate into the cable, affecting the insulation, easy to leak or short circuit.

Therefore, it is worth noting whether the cable selected by the user is suitable for the waterproof electrical box.

Secondly, if the cable is too long, it will often lead to too long peeling time of the cable sheath and extrusion of the chip.

This can easily damage the cable or harden the clip. If you unplug the cable, the power will be turned off, and if it is serious, it will be short circuited.


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