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What is the purpose of the meter box at home? What are the characteristics?

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We believe you may have noticed that your home will be equipped with a meter box, not only at home, but also in company hospitals and other occasions. Let's talk about the knowledge of

What is the meter box used for?

A row of switches are installed in the meter box, and the switches are connected with wires. Generally speaking, the meter box will be installed in a high position to prevent children from touching the danger. The electricity meter is used to control the switches in various areas of the house. When there is a sudden "trip" phenomenon, open the meter box and reset the switch to restore the normal state. The meter box is the shell of the meter, which plays a protective role. If there is no meter box installed at home and only a meter is available, the power supply department may not agree to use the computer. The unique performance of the meter box provides a protective device, which can play the role of waterproof, flame retardant and corrosion resistance, and can maintain the service life of the device for a long time.

What are the material characteristics of the meter box?

The material of the meter box is a resin matrix composite material, specifically fiber reinforced polyester material. It can not only achieve insulation protection, but also be free from electromagnetic field interference.

The resin matrix composite material makes the meter box have good corrosion resistance, and is now resistant to acid, dilute alkali, salt and organic solvent corrosion.

In addition, the meter box has a long service life. The earliest meter box was used in Europe. It has been proved that the meter box has a service life of more than 20 years.

Of course, the material of the meter box has many other characteristics, such as low thermal conductivity, which can be used as an excellent thermal insulator. With the increase of temperature, the temperature of the device location in each area will not vary greatly. The high flame retardant makes the meter box can effectively prevent the combustion or spread of flame. And excellent UV resistance and aging resistance, even exposed to ultraviolet radiation for a long time, will not cause great harm to the meter box.


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