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What is the clearance in the ready board? The ready board manufacturer will introduce it to you

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1、 Index value of bare charged body:

The electrical clearance between the different bare electrified bodies in the bottom pressure metal meter box and between its shell shall be greater than 20mm, and the electrical clearance between the bare electrified body in the control circuit and the metal products of the grounding device shall be greater than 20mm. When the spacing of the bus duct is less than 20mm, the method of binding the insulating layer shall be applied, and the spacing as much as possible shall be in accordance with the relevant requirements.

2、 Effect of electrical clearance and creepage distance:

In simple terms, the electrical clearance and creepage distance inside the low-voltage distribution board are actually the two related main parameters of the electrical insulation layer. In the adoption of industrial control products such as automotive relays and power switches, in addition to following relevant specifications, appropriate electrical spacing and creepage distance should be set to maintain the stability of their electrical characteristics.

3、 What is electrical clearance and creepage distance

1. The creepage distance is based on the path fault (current without high-power appliances and switching power supply) between the two components measured along the surface of the insulating layer or between the electronic components and the full protection page of the machine and equipment. In other words, under different conditions, because the insulating layer material (resin material) around the electrical conductor is electrified by metal, the insulating layer material may show induced electrification, that is, creepage distance.

2. Electrical clearance refers to the distance between two components or between components and machine equipment an full protection page, and the indoor space can be measured. That is to say, on the premise of maintaining the stability and an integrity of the characteristics of electrical equipment, the route of the insulating layer shall be achieved according to the gas.

4、 Frequently asked questions:

1. The creepage distance value is greater than the electrical clearance value.

2. Move the parts to make them in bad position;

In fact, there is a lot of knowledge in the seemingly simple distribution board. It is not easy to install the components in the box. The appropriate installation method can make the electrical service life and application time profitable. In addition, the profit can reduce the common electrical faults. In addition to installing the distribution board, we should mainly maintain the ready board every day.


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