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What electrical components are inside the meter box?

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The meter box usually contains a variety of electrical components used to control, protect and measure electrical energy. These include energy meters (electricity meters), which measure electrical energy consumption and record electricity data. Leakage protectors are used to detect leakage in circuits. Once leakage is found, the circuit is cut off to protect personal and equipment safety. Overload protectors are used to monitor the current load in a circuit and cut off the circuit once the current exceeds the rated value to prevent equipment damage and fire. Contactors and relays are used to control the switching and operation of circuits, such as controlling the on and off of electrical equipment such as lighting and sockets. Fuses and circuit breakers are used to protect electrical equipment and wiring from damage by cutting off power when a circuit is overloaded or shorted. In summary, the electrical components in the meter box include measurement, protection and control devices to ensure the safe operation of the circuit and the measurement of electric energy.

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