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What are the unique features of fiberglass (FRP) or polycarbonate (PC) electric meter box?

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We have talked a lot about the electric meter box before. Careful you may find that the type of electric meter box is no longer the single iron electric meter box before. At present, there are stainless steel electric meter box, plastic electric meter box, transparent electric meter box, fiberglass (FRP) or polycarbonate (PC) electric meter box, etc. Today, let's talk about its unique points!

A. Because GRP products can be designed and manufactured by themselves according to different use environments and special performance requirements, as long as appropriate raw material varieties are selected, they can basically meet the performance requirements of different uses for products. Therefore, FRP material is a kind of material with designability.

B. The disposable glass fiber reinforced plastic products are another obvious feature that is different from metal materials. As long as the appropriate raw material laying method and arrangement procedure are selected according to the product design, the FRP material and structure can be completed at one time.

C. The glass fiber reinforced plastic material is still an energy-saving material. If the manual pasting method is used, the molding temperature is usually at room temperature or below 100 ℃, so its molding and manufacturing energy consumption is very low. Even for those mechanical molding methods, such as molding, winding, injection, RTM, injection, extrusion and other molding methods, the molding temperature is far lower than that of metal materials and other non-metallic materials, so the molding energy consumption can be significantly reduced.

To sum up, compared with traditional metal materials and non-metallic materials, GRP materials and their finished products are characterized by high strength, good performance, energy saving, large freedom of product design, and wide application adaptability. Therefore, in a positive sense, the FRP meter box material is one of the materials with a wide range of applications and great development prospects.

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