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What are the specific functions of the low voltage distribution box? What problems need to be avoided when using?

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The main function of high and low voltage distribution box is to distribute, calculate and control electric energy in the power supply system. Equivalent to human nerve center.

Low voltage distribution box is also called low-voltage switchgear or low-voltage electrical complete equipment. In general power plants, the high-voltage distribution cabinet is used first, and then the current is introduced into the low-voltage distribution cabinet after the treatment of the transformer, and flows from the low-voltage distribution box to the distribution panel and control box of each power consumption. Inside, it is an integrated circuit constructed by using ordinary circuit elements such as switches, indicator lights, buttons, circuit breakers, fuses, instruments and wires, which combines various devices into one to achieve the electrical design function.

Safety technical matters when using low voltage distribution box

1. When working on the circuit of current mutual inductor and voltage transformer, be sure to permanently and protective grounding.

2. When all or part of the electrical equipment is working, the maintenance equipment and the running equipment shall be separated by obvious signs.

3. It is strictly prohibited to disconnect the current circuit or short circuit the secondary coil of the current transformer. It is strictly prohibited to wind it with a conductor. Be sure to use a short line or short-circuit piece. Short circuit or grounding shall be strictly controlled.

Precautions for installing low voltage distribution box:

1. There may be deviation in the vertical height of low-voltage distribution box: it is caused by inaccurate measurement or uneven ground, so it should be calibrated in time.

2. The iron frame of the distribution box must be square.

3. If the welding spot in the distribution box is corroded, it shall be treated in time.

4. If the gap between the low-voltage distribution box and the surrounding building is too large, it shall be built with cement.

5. The PE line end in the distribution box is generally not used for residential buildings


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