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What are the characteristics of the materials used in meter boxes?

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Commonly used materials for meter boxes include metal (such as steel plate), polycarbonate (PC), fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), etc. Metal meter boxes are durable, stable, corrosion-resistant, and have good conductivity. They are suitable for a variety of environments, but they may have problems such as heavy weight and easy rusting. Polycarbonate (PC) meter boxes have the advantages of being lightweight, corrosion-resistant, good insulating properties, fire-proof, and impact-resistant, but they cost more and may have poor high-temperature resistance. Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) meter boxes have the characteristics of corrosion resistance, good insulation performance, light weight, and impact resistance, but the cost is relatively high and the manufacturing process is complex. Meter boxes made of different materials are suitable for different occasions and needs. When selecting, factors such as material characteristics, usage environment, and cost need to be considered comprehensively.

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