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What are the characteristics of the material of the meter box?

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As a container for installing power metering equipment, the meter box usually uses the following materials:

Steel plate: The steel meter box has the characteristics of high strength and strong corrosion resistance, and is suitable for outdoor and industrial environments. Its robustness helps protect the meter from external damage.

Plastic: The plastic meter box is lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and has good insulation, suitable for indoor environments. They will not rust and are suitable for wet locations.

Stainless steel: Stainless steel meter boxes are corrosion resistant and suitable for harsh environments such as seaside or chemical plants. They are beautiful in appearance and have a long life.

Aluminum alloy: The aluminum alloy meter box is lightweight and corrosion-resistant, suitable for both outdoors and indoors. They are also commonly used in high temperature environments due to their better thermal conductivity.

FRP: FRP meter box has excellent insulation performance and corrosion resistance, suitable for humid environment and chemical industry.

When selecting materials, the installation environment, climate, risk of corrosion, and required insulating and protective properties need to be considered. Different materials have different characteristics, and choosing the most suitable material according to actual needs can ensure the long-term stable operation of the meter box.

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