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Use of transparent meter box (ready board) in daily life

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At present, the use of transparent meter box (ready board)es is actually used by many families. Perhaps it is not often noticed in life, so sometimes it is a little strange. Now, the use of meter box (ready board)es is mainly divided into two parts according to the actual use level, which are suitable for different current and voltage management. In addition, for me, the whole is better than the original meter box (ready board).

About its use

When the transparent meter box (ready board) is used in life, the single-phase electric energy and power electric energy provided are different, and the conditions of use are also different. Generally, when it is used, it is best to use it in an environment above - 40 ° C and above 80 ° C. There is no problem when the normal use temperature is below 35 ° C on average, but it should be used in an environment with a certain degree of air cleanliness, In fact, the requirements for humidity are very loose. The general environment can meet the requirements for the use of the meter box (ready board).

Overview of meter box (ready board)

In short, the electric meter box (ready board) used now is actually a multi air energy high protection plastic electric meter box (ready board). The production technology is very strict, and the process is also very complex. The materials used are generally imported materials, which have certain insulation properties, and the overall transparency is very high. They can effectively resist ultraviolet radiation in some very strong ultraviolet weather, and are aging resistant. The general service life is more than 40 years, Whether it is high-temperature weather or acid rain weather, it will not affect the use of the meter box (ready board), and it can adapt to the low-temperature environment. Even in the north of China, this kind of meter box (ready board) is also used. Unlike the strength of some previous meter box (ready board)es, the current meter box (ready board)es have the ability to resist impact, and have the functions of rain, dust and heat dissipation. It is very convenient for users to use, whether it is separation control or installation management.

In fact, the appearance and shape of the plastic meter box (ready board) are very beautiful, and the overall design line is also very smooth. The layout and design of some electrical components inside the meter box (ready board) are also very reasonable and beautiful, and they are also connected by three-phase hooks. After installation, they are very solid.

Many people think that the transparent meter box (ready board) is not as strong or has a long service life as the wooden and steel meter box (ready board)es in the past. In fact, it is not. On the contrary, the service life of some other metal meter box (ready board)es is not as long as that of this kind of meter box (ready board), and there are many very excellent performances.

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