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The power equipment is continuously optimized, and the meter box keeps up with the optimization

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Only by constantly improving themselves can anything develop all the time! The same is true for the meter box. Let's talk about it now!

The international power system reform path in the past decade shows that the fundamental purpose of power reform is to promote power generation and reduce power consumption costs. It is a necessary systematic project to promote the obedience of power economy through the reform of power system. Its core connotation is to optimize the scheduling strategy and form an accurate online price setting mechanism.

The optimization of dispatching strategy can be realized through the market competitive reform, the development of mobile website relying on the market mechanism and the market price formed by two-way auction; It can also be realized through the auction platform built by the power grid operator after the scattered power plant and network; It can also be realized by optimizing dispatching strategy in vertically integrated power system. No matter which way, adjusting the power dispatching mechanism and forming an accurate price mechanism are the premise. Without the perfection of these two works, other reform measures are difficult to achieve the purpose of promoting the power economy. It is necessary to enhance the power grid's ability of information collection, transmission management and economic analysis in the process of power dispatching, and strengthen the ability of monitoring and managing the power market.

Since we want to realize the optimization of power dispatching, it is also essential for the optimization of meter box! Therefore, compared with the past, today's meter box has greatly improved in function, performance and energy saving.


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