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The performance of waterproof distribution box is determined by the material of different sealing rings

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Distribution box is used as the transmission and distribution equipment in power system, which is often used in the work. Like installing distribution boxes on some electrical equipment. But electrical equipment vibrates when it is in operation. Slight vibration is considered as normal phenomenon, which will not affect the equipment, but if the larger vibration will affect the normal operation of the distribution box, it will seriously damage the equipment. Therefore, how to solve the earthquake prevention of distribution box has been the focus of discussion.

The higher the protection level is when we design the dustproof and waterproof distribution box, the higher the performance requirements of the waterproof distribution box. Sometimes, we also specially designed some rain caps to highlight the protection effect, which can prevent the water or dust from infiltrating more effectively, so that the box cover and the box can be separated easily, so that the user can also conveniently process and print.

      The size selection is the first problem that we need to consider in choosing waterproof distribution box, and it is also an important part of the whole process of selection. Secondly, the influence of material selection on the function of waterproof distribution box should be considered. In the material content, we will provide some information and reference documents on how to select the waterproof distribution box correctly. Sealing ring plays an important role in the protection function of waterproof distribution box.

      The sealing ring of distribution box is good protection, and the sealing ring plays an important role in protecting the protection level of waterproof distribution box. In the long-term process, the continuity of protection grade depends on the characteristics of sealing ring. Secure the sealing ring in the correct position. EPDM material plays a good role in protecting against most of the chemical substances widely used because of its excellent chemical corrosion resistance. But the chemical corrosion resistance of sealing ring is also very different according to its material. So it is an effective method to confirm the effect by direct reaction between chemical composition and sealing ring as required.

  The performance of waterproof distribution box varies according to the material of different sealing rings. The material of sealing ring determines the degree of protection of the electric seal box. When selecting sealing rings, the elasticity of each material composition, the influence of contact with many chemicals, and the effect in cold and hot conditions should be compared. It is important that the waterproof distribution box and sealing ring can get good results when they have common resistance to the same chemical.

      Now we will introduce several common methods of earthquake prevention: first, install shockproof rubber plate and other shockproof board on the end face of component installation; 2、 Apply anti loose adhesive to the solid parts of the component; 3、 Plug in type is used at the connection. In fact, these three methods can only reduce vibration, and can not completely avoid vibration. Therefore, to solve the problem of earthquake prevention fundamentally is to make both components operate in a structured way“ Stainless steel distribution box is particularly important in summer. "You will say" isn't it important in other seasons? " I don't deny that stainless steel distribution box is very important in any season, but it is especially obvious in summer! Look down on the specific reasons!

  With the coming of summer, the electricity consumption of people is increasing. In the high temperature, people's electricity consumption increases. Because of the overheating of wires, the insulation skin will be burnt, and a kind of smell of electric burning of scorched skin and plastic will be emitted. This situation may be caused by overheating of electrical lines. Once found, the power should be pulled and cut off immediately, and the cause of overheating of the wires should be found. If the line is found to be aging or damaged in daily life, it is necessary to replace it in time to prevent it from being damaged.

  In order to prevent the problems in the high temperature distribution box in summer, the power lines in the home or unit shall be checked regularly in order to eliminate the hidden dangers in time. During the installation and construction, it is necessary to prevent scratch, wear and touch the insulator of the conductor, and pay attention to whether the conductor joint is firm and whether the insulation binding is firm. In places with special humidity, high temperature or corrosive substances, it is strictly forbidden to lay the insulating wires in the open, and the wiring shall be made by casing; In dusty places, the lines and insulation panels should be cleaned frequently to avoid accumulation of oil. It is strictly forbidden to connect and pull wires randomly. When installing the lines, the wires of corresponding sections shall be selected reasonably according to the load of the power equipment. Check the fuse of the line regularly, select the appropriate fuse, do not adjust the fuse arbitrarily, and do not replace the fuse with aluminum wire and copper wire. Check whether all connection points on the line are firm and reliable regularly, and inflammable and combustible materials shall not be placed near the line integrator. In order to better serve us, the stainless steel distribution box has helped a lot!


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