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The manufacturer reminds you to pay attention to these problems when installing the Ready Board

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Ready Board equipment plays an important role in our life. Ready Board equipment will also be installed in the machine rooms of many enterprises and schools. There are many equipment in the machine rooms and the lines are complex. What problems should be paid attention to when installing Ready Board equipment? Next, the manufacturer of Ready Board will introduce the installation precautions for you.

Note 1: selection of installation location. In the actual installation process, if the location of the distribution cabinet is not very perfect or different from the actual site requirements, the installation personnel shall timely submit modification opinions to the design unit, and the designer shall conceive according to the construction drawings or investigate the actual construction site, and it is necessary to meet the actual needs without affecting the appearance, Determine the actual installation position of the distribution cabinet.

Note 2. It is a basic skill for a qualified electrician to determine the reasonable installation position according to the actual needs of the site, determine the installation height according to the specification and firmly install the distribution cabinet. According to the specification, the height from the bottom of the distribution cabinet to the ground is generally 1.4m, which can also be increased or reduced according to the convenience of actual operation and maintenance, and with the consent of the design unit.

Note 3. Select the conductor color according to the specification. When wiring in the three-phase power distribution cabinet, the power incoming line, load outgoing line and the connecting line of electrical components in the box shall be selected according to the specification. That is, phase A is color, phase B is green, phase C is red, and the neutral line is light blue or black. The ground wire is a yellow / Green two-color wire. It is strictly prohibited to use the Yellow / Green two-color wire as other wires. The connection of incoming and outgoing lines in the box shall be fine and the arrangement shall be tight.


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