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The manufacturer introduces the grounding method of Ready Board

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All boxes of the Ready Board manufacturer shall be welded with the main grounding terminal on the box structure. The main grounding terminal shall match the larger grounding conductor in the grounding box, and the grounding terminal mark required by the specification shall be made at the grounding terminal, and the bus of the protective grounding system shall be made in yellow and green within the whole length and marked with PE letters. The manufacturer of the Ready Board will introduce the grounding method of the Ready Board.

1. The grounding "bus bar" (grounding bar, PE bar) in the box is directly connected with the power ground wire or grounding system.

2. The metal box itself shall be processed with "box grounding bolt" (with PE identification), which must be connected with the grounded PE bar with copper core conductor or special braided flexible wire.

3. The metal threading pipe connected with the box must also have reliable electrical connection with the box, which can be simply welded and connected with galvanized round steel and flat steel.

4. The parts of electrical components in the box that must be grounded shall also be connected with PE bar. The ground wires in all circuits to be distributed are led out by PE row.

Both ends of the bare braided copper wire used in the grounding system shall be crimped with copper terminals and tinned. The structural fasteners for the connection of PE system shall use special grounding spring washers. The hexagon socket bolt accessories used in other grounding systems also need special grounding accessories or parts that meet the special requirements of China's specifications and regulations for grounding system. For the conductive parts that are easy to be directly contacted, the live parts shall be insulated or protected with baffles and diaphragms.


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