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Technical requirements for new standard meter boxes

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1. The appearance of the meter box is flat and smooth, without cracks, scars and obvious bubbles, and the surface is free of poor curing, pinholes, impregnation, cracks and obvious bubbles; The components in the box are compact in structure, reasonable in layout, smooth and clear in line routing, and the base is equipped with an integrated wiring slot to standardize and facilitate wiring

2. The integral material of the meter box shall be made of glass fiber reinforced plastic with anti ultraviolet, non-metallic flame retardant, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, strong resistance to external forces, impact resistance and other properties;

3. The meter box is tightly buckled and can be opened 180 ° for maintenance. The triple interlock protection of anti-theft bolt, lead seal and padlock can be used between the upper cover and the base of the product, and all the three are in an enclosed space, effectively waterproof, rust proof, anti-aging and anti-theft

4. Box thickness ≥ 3.0mm; The dimensional deviation of each component shall not be greater than 1 ± mm, and the performance shall meet the requirements of technical standards such as HG2503-93 issued by the national chemical industry.

5. Installation ambient temperature and air relative humidity: - 25 ℃ ---+55 ℃, air humidity + 40 ℃, no higher than 50%; - 40 ℃ is not higher than 60%.

6. The function and structure of the box shall meet the requirements that the electric energy meter and switch element are installed in different units respectively, and there are obvious physical separation areas for the operation and management of the power supplier and the power user in terms of function. In addition, the instrument room and the switch room shall be equipped with fire barriers or partition box walls to improve the reliability of anti flashover and anti stealing.

7. The instrument function window is transparent, effectively preventing electricity theft, and the power inspector can visually check whether there are abnormal conditions in the box without opening the box, so as to give priority to the safety prevention of electricity use.

8. The box seal has rainproof, skid proof, theft proof and heat dissipation functions. The air vent is equipped with downward louvers to improve the rain proof performance. The interval between louvers should be ≤ 1.5mm to prevent foreign matters from entering the box. To ensure the waterproof performance of the switch room, waterproof lines shall be set outside the switch room. The joint between the box cover and the base is an overlapping structure, which can enhance the strength of the box and prevent external metal objects from entering the box to steal electricity, thus strengthening the protection capability of the metering device.

9. The conductor in the box shall be a single strand copper core wire with a copper core section of 10 mm.

10. The electricity meter box is applicable to the installation of single-phase intelligent electricity meters and single-phase multi-function electricity meters.

11. In order to facilitate the incoming and outgoing lines of the switch room, the switch room has enough space.

12. The window of the switch room at the user end is provided with a removable safety baffle, and the user or management personnel can replace the outgoing switch without removing the lead seal and opening the overall box cover.

13. Except for one meter position meter box, all boxes of other specifications are equipped with fixed trunking to regulate the wiring in the meter box.

14. Each meter position shall be equipped with single pole miniature circuit breaker.

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