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Teach you how to debug low voltage distribution cabinet

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After the low-voltage distribution cabinet is installed, it can only be put into use after personnel commissioning. How to debug the low-voltage distribution cabinet? The following low-voltage distribution cabinet manufacturer will teach you how to debug the low-voltage distribution cabinet.

The commissioning of low-voltage distribution cabinet is mainly divided into two parts: mechanical test and electrical commissioning.

1. Mechanical commissioning: mechanical commissioning is mainly conducted for manual parts and drawers.

Mechanical commissioning is mainly to check whether the operation of each mechanism is flexible and whether the quality is reliable. When inspecting the drawer, pay special attention to observe whether the positioning of the connection and disconnection position is reliable, because this operation directly affects whether the low-voltage distribution cabinet can be used normally.

2. Electrical commissioning: electrical operation test, interlocking function test and insulation test.

(1) Electrical operation test: on the premise of correct installation and wiring, conduct simulated action test according to the electrical schematic diagram, that is, power on test. It mainly includes: 1) whether the closing and opening of the circuit breaker are normal; 2) Whether the button operation and relevant indicator lights are normal; 3) Whether manual switching is normal. This test should be carried out one by one. First debug the cabinet, and then debug the drawer cabinet one by one.

(2) Interlocking function test: power on and check the interlocking between the operating mechanism and the door, and the interlocking between the drawer and the door. In the case of closing (energization), the door cannot be opened. The door can be opened only after opening. For the mechanical or electrical interlocking between dual power supplies, the circuit breaker of the standby power supply cannot be closed when the normal power supply is normal. When the main power supply is cut off, the standby power supply will automatically complete mutual switching.

(3) Insulation resistance test: in order to ensure the safety of operators, cabinets and devices in cabinets, insulation resistance test is essential. The main measuring parts are: 1) when the main switch of the switch cabinet is in the off position, it is between the incoming line and outgoing line of the same * switch; 2) Between different live parts when the main switch is closed; 3) The position between the main circuit and the control circuit; 4) Between each live element and the metal frame of the cabinet. The test time shall reach 1 minute and the test resistance shall reach 0.5m Ω.

In order to make the low-voltage distribution cabinet reach a good operation state and ensure the stability of personnel and equipment, the low-voltage distribution cabinet can be put into normal use only after all the above items are debugged.


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