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Overhead Isolator Switch

Overhead Isolator Switch


The RGW-33/630-20 overhead isolator switch is placed at the end of the line with a tree-like MV network structure enables a cluster of stations to be isolated in order to carry out work on the downstream line.

This device complies with the standards: 

• NFC 64140 (type 1) de 01/1990

• CEI 60265 -1 de 01/1998

• CEI 62271-1 de 02/2009

It consists of a vertically open switch and an air cut-off device, which is composed of a wide stroke and high-speed whip.

Constructive Details

• Hot-dip galvanized steel profile frame in accordance with standard NF EN ISO 1461. • Articulation: journaling on a bronze ring.

• RP5 insulators in tempered glass. Insulator rods with identical base for the 9 insulators. • Cupro-aluminum collars.

• Work hardened copper knife driven by nylon rollers without greasing. Its C profile allows

  high resistance to short-circuit current and reduced temperature rise.

• Broken contacts: wide tolerances for penetration and alignment; contact area 

  permanent distinct from the breaking contact.

• Perfect visibility of the “open” position.

• Connections by Ø 12.5 mm hole pad.

• Optional connection by TST pin.

• Whip cut-off devices.

• Shaft stops at the end of the stroke.

• Support chairs made up of two symmetrical elements in welded sections and 

  galvanized, allowing the switch to be clamped on any support whose dimensions in 

  head are between 100 and 360 mm.

Mechanical Control

Can be fixed on a corner of the support by strapping according to document ref. 1010242 or by iron and counterfeit.

It is made up of:

• A control panel with isolation; possibility of 3 padlocks.

• A lower tube with insulation;

• 2 telescopic tubes adjustable to 950 ± 300mm allowing adaptation to supports 

  from 11 to 14 m .;

• 3 roller tube guides (1 tube and 1 tube guide can be supplied in addition with 

  supports from 15 to 18 m).

Electrical Specifications

Sepc. 24KV 36KV
Rated Voltage (kV) 24 36
Rated Current (A) 200 or 400A 200 or 400A
Breaking Capacity (A)
· Active Load
31.5 or 50A 25 or 31.5A
· Vacuum Transformer 2.5A 2.5A
· Loop Load 200A/4.8kV 200A/7.2kW
· Empty Line 10A 10A
· Number of Poles 3 3
· Insulators Glass Glass
· Phase / Earth Isolation
· Lightning Strike 125kV 170kV
· At 50Hz in Rain 50kV 70kV
· Short-term Current 10kA/1s 10kA/1s
· Admissible Peak Current 20 or 25kA 20 or 25kA
· Supports 11/18m 11/18m
· Pose Horizontal Horizontal
Beaches Beaches
Isolation Level On Opening Distance
· Lightning Strike 145kV 195kV
· At 50Hz in Rain 60kV 80kV

Dimensions and Weight Plans

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Phone : +86-18767732171


    Add : Baitawang Industrial Zone, Beibaixiang Town, Yueqing City, 325603, China
    Phone : +86-18767732171
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