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Nine advantages of transparent meter box/ready board

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The top of the transparent meter box/ready board is a double-layer structure with heat insulation effect.

The surface shall be brushed to eliminate dazzling, dazzling and spotlight points.

The box door and the box body are fully enclosed, equipped with sealing rubber strips and waterproof grooves, and have the four prevention functions of rain, wind, sand and dust.

Polycarbonate PC is selected as the plate

The upper and lower sides of the box are equipped with special respirators, which can form convection air, play a cooling role, and ensure that the components inside the box are dry.

The lead knockout hole is improved to an I-shaped detachable structure, which facilitates the introduction of cables.

Refrigerator type structure is adopted for lighting in the box, and the light is on when the door is opened, which is convenient for maintenance.

The exterior of the box is made of micro traces and non traces to make the appearance more beautiful.

The terminal box used in humid environment or frost and condensation season can be equipped with a condensation controller to eliminate insulation degradation and short circuit fault caused by frost and condensation, and it is safer and more reliable to use.

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