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Meter box: Give smart meters a safe home

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The meter box is the safe home of the smart meter, which is related to the stability and safety of household electricity. First, make sure the meter box is well maintained, regularly checking wires, connections and grounding, and eliminating potential hazards that could cause leaks or short circuits. Secondly, when equipped with smart meters, you should choose products that meet safety standards to ensure their stability and reliability and avoid safety issues caused by meter failures. At the same time, it provides a good ventilation and waterproof environment for smart meters to avoid water vapor intrusion or overheating that may cause fires. In addition, keep the area around the meter box clean and tidy, and avoid piling flammable materials or blocking vents to reduce the risk of fire. Finally, when a circuit failure or other abnormal situation occurs, the power supply should be disconnected immediately, and a professional electrician should be requested for inspection and maintenance in a timely manner. Do not perform repairs or modifications without permission. Through these measures, a safe home can be provided for smart meters to ensure the stability and safety of household electricity.

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