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How to use fiberglass meter box?

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To use a fiberglass meter box, you need to follow the following steps:

Installation location selection: Select the installation location to ensure compliance with relevant safety and regulatory requirements. Usually, a ventilated and moisture-proof place should be selected to ensure the normal operation of the meter box.

Installation foundation: Install an appropriate foundation at the selected location, ensuring it is flat and stable to support the weight of the meter box.

Connect the power supply: Connect the meter box to the power supply, make sure the power supply is connected correctly, the wires are firmly connected, and follow relevant safety regulations.

Install the meter: Install the meter in the meter box, ensuring that the meter is firmly fixed, the connection lines are correct, and it complies with electrical safety standards.

Seal inspection: Check the sealing performance of the meter box to ensure waterproof and dustproof to extend the service life of electrical equipment.

Protection measures: Install necessary protection measures, such as leakage protectors, overload protectors, etc., to ensure the safety of electrical equipment and users.

Acceptance test: After the installation is completed, perform an acceptance test to check whether the meter reading is accurate and whether all functions are normal to ensure the normal operation of the meter box.

Regular inspection and maintenance: Regular inspection and maintenance of the meter box to ensure its safety and stability during use.

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