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How to prolong the service life of electrical distribution box?

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When we buy something, we all want it to last a little longer. No one wants to buy something that hasn't been long. It's either broken here or there, but we can't just rely on its original life. We should also think of some ways to prolong the life of the product. Therefore, the same is true for products such as electrical distribution boxes. We should also find ways to prolong its service life. So how should we extend their life? In other words, how should we protect the electrical distribution box?

1. We should always check whether the circuit number of the electrical box is consistent with the drawing we designed in advance.

2. Let's check whether the wiring in the electrical box is good and whether the terminal bolts are fastened and loose.

3. We should regularly check whether there is dust inside the electrical box and how to clean it with a soft brush if any.

4. We should ensure that the wiring of the electrical box is smooth and there is no disorder between wires.

5. We should check whether the relay, indicator light and fuse on the secondary circuit in the electrical box are damaged. If so, we should replace them in time.


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