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How to deal with the fire of the Split Meter Ready Board?

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The Split Meter Ready Board manufacturer will come and talk to you about what to do if the Split Meter Ready Board catches fire? And daily precautions we should know!

What is the cause of fire in general Split Meter Ready Board?

If the Split Meter Ready Board breaks down or catches fire, the whole household circuit will be paralyzed. So what is the cause of the fire when the Split Meter Ready Board is in use?

Nowadays, with the increase of household appliances, the power consumption at home is also increasing. Due to the increase of power consumption, sometimes the Split Meter Ready Board will have a power load, so the Split Meter Ready Board will catch fire. In fact, more than that, there are many reasons for the fire of the Split Meter Ready Board, such as power load, humidity, incorrect installation or short circuit of wiring from the Split Meter Ready Board without permission. In addition, power load in rainy seasons and cold weather may cause fire, so these should be paid attention to.

Prevention of fire caused by aging of Split Meter Ready Board

"The aging of the Split Meter Ready Board actually refers to the aging line of the Split Meter Ready Board. When the line reaches a certain age, it cannot be used normally. In addition, the baking temperature, light and corrosive environment will directly lead to the shortening of the service life of the Split Meter Ready Board line, the black and decomposition of the insulation layer, and even the line, which will lead to short circuit, a large number of local heating, too high temperature, melting the insulation layer, igniting combustible substances and causing fire". Whether enterprises or individuals, if the fire caused by the Split Meter Ready Board and circuit is seriously aging, do some useful and practical measures to eliminate the potential fire hazard. In daily life, people should check the safety of electrical circuits in the house, do not pull wires, and take wire leakage protection measures in wet places such as the kitchen and toilet of the house. The installation of automatic air switches and fuses, copper wire and aluminum wire instead of fuses are strictly prohibited. The best professional installation of family circuit wires is to prevent fire hazards.

Replace the aging schedule box to avoid the aging and combustion of wires causing short circuit. Secondly, check the use of the Split Meter Ready Board regularly. The cooling conditions are good. Do not place the Split Meter Ready Board too close to the combustible heat source. In particular, check whether the Split Meter Ready Board is overloaded, so as to avoid a batch of large Split Meter Ready Boards at the same time. Try not to use the user's Split Meter Ready Board in thunderstorm weather. We usually want to keep alert eyes. Once a burning smell of rubber and pungent smell of plastic at home, there may be an electrical fire. At this time, it should be repaired in time as soon as possible. In order to confirm the Split Meter Ready Board after the fire, switch off the power immediately. If the TV, induction cooker and other household Split Meter Ready Boards catch fire, do not pour water into the Split Meter Ready Board, and the application of dry powder fire extinguisher and carbon dioxide fire extinguisher. In case of emergency, the electricity Split Meter Ready Board covered by the quilt can also be soaked to achieve the purpose of fire prevention. If there is a fire, remember to escape the rules: touch the door first and open the door. When there is a fever or smoke entering from the door, do not open the door and prepare the second escape route; Escape from one room to another and close the door after arrival; If the exit passage is blocked by thick smoke and there is no other route to go, it should be close to the ground and crawl through the thick smoke area.

How to deal with the fire of the Split Meter Ready Board?

After a general fire, everyone's first reaction is to put it out with water. However, at this time, the water can be electrolyzed into hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen is combustible and oxygen is combustion supporting. It can not only extinguish the fire, but also contribute to the spread of the fire.

When the Split Meter Ready Board is on fire, due to the damage of insulation, people are more likely to get an electric shock. Therefore, turn off the main power switch immediately and use a dry powder fire extinguisher. If there is no regular fire-fighting equipment available nearby, sand can also be used to replace it, and call fire 119 in time for help.

Remember not to act without knowing the knowledge of fire fighting, so as to avoid unnecessary injury.

When the Split Meter Ready Board is on fire, do not panic. Stay away from the meter to avoid injury. Then cut off the power supply at the first time and put out the fire with dry powder or gas fire extinguisher. If the power supply is not cut off, do not directly pour water to put out the water, so as to prevent electric shock or electrical explosion from hurting people and causing secondary injury.


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