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How to check whether the meter box is qualified?

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Today, the meter box factory will share with you where to check whether the meter box is qualified?

1、 Check the appearance of the meter box housing

The surface of the shell of the meter box shall be flat, smooth and clean without rust. The coating used shall meet the requirements indicated in the technology. The coating shall be firm and uniform without color difference and reflection.

2、 Installation inspection of meter box

1. All electrical components shall be arranged reasonably to meet the specified requirements;

2. The incoming compartment, outgoing compartment and surface compartment are clear;

3. The component model and specification shall be consistent with the drawings.

3、 Installation inspection of electric meter box conductor

1. The current carrying capacity of the conductor section shall comply with the standard provisions;

2. When connecting main circuit components with insulated conductors, the common standard c Crimping terminal and phase sequence color code must meet the requirements;

3. The wiring shall comply with the provisions of the process documents, neat and beautiful, firm and reliable;

4. The insulated conductor shall not be laid on the conductive parts and shall be protected when crossing the metal components;

5. There should be no joint between the connecting lines between two electrical components;

6. Electrical clearance and creepage distance, electrical clearance shall not be less than 5.5mm, creepage distance shall not be less than 6.3mm

4、 Measurement of insulation resistance of meter box

1000 V megger shall be used to measure the insulation resistance of devices with rated voltage of 1KV and below, which shall not be less than 5 megohms.

5、 Power on operation test of meter box

1. Before the test, carefully check the internal wiring of the meter box to ensure that it conforms to the electrical schematic diagram, and confirm that all wiring is correct and the insulation resistance meets the requirements before conducting the power on test;

2. After the components are powered on, the outlet terminals should have correct voltage;

3. The opening and closing test of electrical element switch is free of jamming and overload;

4. For leakage type components, start the test button, and there should be protective action;

5. Confirm that all outgoing lines and switches correspond to the connection of the meter without confusion or dislocation.

6、 Appearance inspection of meter box

1. The product nameplate shall be beautiful and tidy, with clear and correct steel characters, and all data shall be consistent with the certificate;

2. The paint layer and coating shall be free of blistering, peeling, pitting, etc;

3. The glass shall be free of scratches and flat, and the aluminum alloy fillets shall have edges and corners;

4. The outgoing line label and cabinet code shall be correct;

5. The installation schematic identification of concealed casing is correct and can be installed correctly on site;

6. Lead sealing or metering door lock and other anti-theft measures shall be taken for incoming wire warehouse and meter warehouse;

7. The process flow card shall be firmly posted, and the job number shall be clearly and correctly filled in.

7、 Inspection of meter box grounding and zero connection

1. Meter box of Wuhan Electric Power Supply Co., Ltd.: incoming line zero row and incoming line ground row, incoming line zero row and outgoing line zero row, incoming line ground row and outgoing line ground row are connected by 25mm2 (two 4mm2 power lines AC220V are reserved for the meter).

2. Frequently supplied meter box: incoming neutral box and incoming ground box, incoming ground box and outgoing ground box are connected by 25mm2.

3. All electric meter boxes provided by Wuhan Power Supply Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Power Supply Co., Ltd.: except the wire ends at the electric meter do not need tin coating, the other wire ends need tin coating; There shall be obvious zero and ground marks.

8、 Precautions

1. Pay attention to safety during power on operation to prevent electric shock accidents.

2. The operator shall make records of inspection and commissioning as required, and submit them to special inspection for factory test after passing the self inspection.

3. In the process of inspection and commissioning, if it is found that the requirements are not met, the problem shall be raised in the form of Quality Information Feedback, and the cause shall be analyzed for rework. After passing the inspection, it shall be reported to the Quality Inspection Department to prepare the factory data.

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