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How should the low-voltage distribution cabinet be maintained? What are the ways to extend the service life?

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Low voltage distribution cabinet can be used for power conversion and control. When an enterprise needs to distribute power, lighting and other power, this equipment will enter the enterprise's procurement directory. Moreover, it has strong segmentation ability, flexible combination scheme and a very large range of application.

Although this product has many advantages, as an electrical equipment, it also needs some maintenance to prolong the service life of the equipment.

1. Maintenance and repair after power failure

The maintenance and overhaul of low-voltage distribution cabinet must be carried out under the condition of power failure. Even if the equipment can operate normally, it is necessary to carry out overall maintenance and overhaul once a year. Moreover, in order to complete the maintenance as soon as possible, it should be coordinated with the production progress of the enterprise to ensure that the impact is small.

2. Check the smoothness of the whole line

For the maintenance of low-voltage distribution cabinet, first check whether the whole line is unblocked, whether there is line connection failure caused by poor contact, and whether some components will be damaged due to heating of components in working state? Whether the connection of terminal is firm and reliable? Is there corrosion? Can the secondary circuit remain unblocked? Whether the insulation performance of each part is maintained in good condition?

If any electronic component is damaged, it shall be replaced in time. If the connection of the terminal is unreliable, it must be tightened again. The electronic components and auxiliary materials with corrosion shall also be replaced in time. The secondary circuit shall be kept unblocked and the insulation performance of all parts shall be kept good.

3. Check the mechanical part

Most low-voltage distribution cabinets will adopt drawer type structure. Can these mechanical parts be used normally and whether the drawer switch is smooth? Is the mechanical locking firm and reliable? Can various contactors maintain contact in place? Are there any damaged contactors and circuit breakers?

Ensure that the mechanical part can operate smoothly, pull smoothly, lock firmly, keep good contact with each contact, and the circuit breaker and contactor can work normally and stably.


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