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How does the manufacturer maintain the Ready Board?

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Many maintenance personnel do not pay attention to the maintenance of the Ready Board, so it greatly reduces the service life of the Ready Board. In order to better prolong the service life, here is how to do a good job in the maintenance of the Ready Board.

1. The Ready Board shall be regularly dedusted to keep the Ready Board clean.

2. Regularly check whether the connector in the Ready Board is firm to ensure the reliability of wiring.

3. Check whether the action of relevant switches is normal, and replace abnormal switches in time.

4. Check whether there is rain or sand intrusion in the box, and these risk factors must be eliminated.

5. It is necessary to check the heating of the wiring terminal to ensure that there is no virtual connection of the wiring terminal

6. The sealing condition of the box shall be checked in detail, especially in the dusty environment, so as to avoid danger.

7. The wiring of the Ready Board must be neat and beautiful, and the scattered wire ends must be sorted out.

Remind customers that the Ready Board must be inspected and maintained once a month, deal with unqualified items in time, and make relevant records.


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