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How does the manufacturer avoid the aging of Ready Board lines?

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1) Regularly check the use of the Ready Board, check whether the heat dissipation of the Ready Board is good, and do not put the combustibles too close to the heat source.

In particular, check whether the Ready Board is overloaded, and try to avoid using multiple high-power Ready Boards at the same time. In thunderstorm weather, try not to use household Ready Board.

2) It is necessary to replace the aging meter box in time to avoid burning the meter due to short circuit of wires.

However, if you smell the pungent smell of rubber and plastic at home, it is likely to be an electrical fire. At this point, you should immediately check the cause and repair it as soon as possible. After confirming that the Ready Board is on fire, turn off the power immediately.

If you encounter a TV, induction cooker and the Ready Board is on fire, do not fill the Ready Board with water, and put out the fire with dry powder fire extinguisher or carbon dioxide fire extinguisher. When the situation is critical, the Ready Board can also be covered with soaked bedding to achieve the purpose of extinguishing the fire.

When purchasing electrical appliances, we should check the selection of low-voltage electrical appliances and purchase acceptance, and choose AC contactors with good quality. The size of the box can be appropriately increased to increase the electrical safety distance between components, or a chemical coating with thermal insulation can be sprayed in the box to reduce radiation and reduce the temperature inside the box. Because the Ready Board generates a lot of heat during operation, if the heat dissipation capacity of the equipment is not strong, the normal operation of the equipment will be affected. Therefore, if the space of the cabinet is large, the temperature control relay and exhaust fan can be installed inside, so that the heat in the cabinet can be eliminated in time.


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