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Explain the safety precautions and operation specifications for fiberglass meter box

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The practicability of glass fiber reinforced plastic meter box is also very high. Now, the professional manufacturer of Nippon Electric - meter box will introduce the safe operation of glass fiber reinforced plastic meter box:

1: The fiberglass meter box is used for the normal operation of the production and equipment of the ship's power distribution center. Any irrelevant personnel shall not pull the switch button on the wrench.

2: The parallel operation of generators shall be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements and regulations of parallel operation conditions, and attention shall be paid to the occurrence of reverse power (reverse current) and parallel operation failure.

3: After the GRP meter box enters the power distribution state, it is not allowed to move the power panel speed increasing switch at will, and the locking switch of the air circuit breaker is not allowed to be used unless in emergency.

4: During shutdown, the generator load shall be cut off first, and then the no-load shutdown shall be carried out. No direct shutdown with load is allowed.

5: After the generator set is started, the power panel speed up switch shall be used to accelerate slowly manually until the generator enters into normal working state and the voltage and frequency reach the specified value, then the generator can be switched on for power transmission operation

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