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Electric distribution box makes intelligent management of industry fast and efficient

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In the 21st century, we should pay attention to intelligent management, whether it is domestic water supply, fire control, sprinkler, or industrial cooling cycle, sewage discharge, etc. The most important thing here is to equip the electrical distribution box. What's the reason?

1. The need of automatic control: generally, the water pump is required to operate automatically according to the user's requirements (such as liquid level, high pressure, etc.) when it is unattended, but it cannot be realized without the electric distribution box.

2. The need of safe operation: through the control elements, such as the button to turn on and off the water pump, on the one hand, the operator is relatively safe, on the other hand, due to the action of the contactor, the on-off consistency of the three-phase power supply is good, which meets the requirements of the electrical characteristics of the motor.

3. The need of control function: some users do not need to interrupt the water supply due to production needs, and some also need to switch regularly and automatically. If there is no control cabinet, it is difficult to do it. Another example is that the pump with higher power over 15kw needs to be started by reducing pressure, which also needs to be realized by electrical control.

4. The need of protection function: we already know that the motor cannot overload for a long time. This requires overload, short circuit, phase loss protection, submersible sewage pump also has leakage protection, these protection functions are controlled by the electrical distribution box.

Science and technology bring too many changes to life and production. In order to seek development in China, it is necessary to improve industrial capacity. To improve industrial capacity, only by realizing intelligent management can it become fast and efficient.


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