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Do you know the installation process of FRP meter box?

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Speaking of "electricity meter box", it is no longer the old and monotonous iron electricity meter box. Now, not only are there many styles and specifications, but also the materials are different. Different places of use have different choices. Today, let's just talk about the installation process of the fiberglass meter box for the reference of those who choose this type of meter box! However, the installation of electrical equipment and facilities must be operated by professionals!

The equipment orientation of electrical components is consistent with the planning drawings, and the equipment is solid and reliable;

1. The primary line sectional area conforms to the drawing;

2. The copper bar of the primary line shall be tinned at the joint location, and the touch area shall match;

3. The connecting screws of the primary line are fastened reliably, and the touch resistance fits;

4. Phase sequence placement: from the front, from left to right, from top to bottom, from far to near are A, B, C;

5. The electrical leisure is greater than 10mm, and the creepage distance is greater than 25mm;

6. The floor drain and zero drain shall be in accordance with the drawings;

7. All kinds of WeChat notes are well pasted;

8. The opening and closing operation of the switch is naive and reliable, without blocking;

9. The wiring of the secondary line is consistent with the planning drawings, and the power on test is correct;

10. Power frequency withstand voltage of FRP meter box: 2kV/1min, no flashover and breakdown.

Having said the installation process of the FRP meter box, let's consolidate the introduction of the FRP meter box! FRP meter box includes single-phase meter box and three-phase meter box, which are suitable for metering and control management of single-phase electric energy and power electric energy in the power supply system with AC 50HZ or 60HZ, rated working voltage of 200V, 380V, 690V, and rated working current of 10A~225A.

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