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Do you know the countermeasures when the meter box is on fire?

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In the hot summer, electricity is very important to everyone. As for the reason, everyone will understand! Without electricity, you can't fan a fan, let alone an air conditioner! But if the electricity meter box, the home where the power equipment is installed, catches fire, can the electricity get home safely? Today, let's talk about a common and important member of power equipment - meter box.

The meter box will be used in people's families and plays a very important role. When installing the meter box, the staff will pay special attention to the circuit and height of the meter box to avoid danger. However, after the meter box has been used for a long time, if we do not pay attention to maintenance at ordinary times, there may still be dangers, such as overload of power consumption, which is likely to cause fire, etc. What should we do at this time? The meter box factory will explain it in detail below.

When the power consumption of the meter box is too high, especially in summer, the hot temperature will cause the fire of the meter box. At this time, do not panic, stay away from the meter box to avoid personal injury, and then immediately cut off the power supply and put out the fire with dry powder or gas fire extinguisher.

If the power supply is not cut off in time, do not directly pour water to extinguish the fire, so as to prevent electric shock or electrical explosion from wounding people and causing secondary danger. Therefore, pay special attention to the maintenance of the meter box at ordinary times to avoid excessive power consumption.


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