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Do you have any questions about the installation of distribution board device in the meter box?

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We are always curious about unfamiliar things. Some of us are willing to explore, but some of us should stay away! Today, the manufacturer of the meter box made a summary on the installation of the distribution board device in the meter box. These are the questions that people often ask. The following summary can help you in need!

Summary of problems of distribution board device in the meter box:

1. How to install the distribution board?

The power distribution device is generally composed of the incoming main fuse box, electric energy meter, current transformer control switch, overload and short circuit protection device, etc., and the larger capacity is also equipped with isolating switch.

Generally, the main fuse box is installed on the wall of the incoming pipe, while the current transformer, electric energy meter, control switch, short circuit and overload protection devices are installed on the same distribution board

2. How to install the main fuse box?

The general fuse box commonly used has specifications of 10A, 30A, 60A, 100A and 200A, and each box can only be equipped with a single fuse box.

The function of the main fuse box is to prevent the fault of the lower power line from spreading to the previous power distribution trunk line, which will cause a power outage in a larger area; Strengthen the management of planned power consumption (because the melt specification in the main fuse box of low-voltage users is placed by the power supply unit and sealed on the cover).

(1) The main fuse box shall be installed on the inside of the household inlet pipe.

(2) The main fuse box must be installed on a solid board, and the surface and four edges of the board must be coated with fireproof paint. It shall be fixed on the building with through-wall screws or expansion screws.

(3) The upper terminal post of the fuse in the main fuse box shall be connected with the power phase line of the incoming line.

(4) If multiple electric energy meters are installed behind the main fuse box, separate fuse boxes shall be installed in front of each electric energy meter.

3. How to arrange the meter board (meter box)?

After the conductor enters the house, the metering device and control protection device shall be installed. For users with large monthly electricity consumption, finished outdoor meter box, control and protection panel, distribution panel and distribution box shall be used; Install metering meters for users with small monthly electricity consumption; Generally, the electricity meter is installed on a mounting plate, which is called kilowatt-hour meter plate, or electricity meter plate for short.

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