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Discussion on the importance of dust prevention of electrical box

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If the electrical box can be used in a normal environment, users should make the following adjustments when selecting it:

1. First, the ambient temperature can not be higher than 40 ℃ or lower than - 5 ℃.

2. The surrounding environment can meet the pollution level.

3. The place where it is installed cannot have violent impact and vibration.

In addition, when the electrical box in daily life is usually maintained, the first thing to be solved is its own dust-proof steps. This is mainly because the components installed in it can not directly contact with dust. Therefore, we can also understand why its sealing is very important when it is made. For the water from the components in the product, the dust is easy to cause the temperature to rise and the heat dissipation cannot be carried out during operation. This will further lead to accelerated aging or sudden explosion of components. Therefore, dust prevention has always been an important step in maintaining the electrical box.


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