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Difference between meter box and distribution box

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Speaking of the "difference between meter box and distribution box", I believe many people have doubts

Electricity meter box is a special box for electricity measurement, such as ammeter, watt hour meter, power meter, etc. The distribution box is a special box for low-voltage power supply distribution lines, such as the wiring of one incoming switch and 10 outgoing switches. They are collectively referred to as "three boxes":

1、 Light box

2、 Power box

3、 Metering tank

The electricity meter installed in the "electricity meter box" belongs to the "metering box", which has anti-theft devices according to different requirements;

"Distribution box" is the general name of "lighting distribution box" and "power distribution box", which is used for power distribution! It mainly includes "power generation", "power transmission", "power transformation" and "power distribution"

Normally, the power is generated first, and then transmitted through the step-up transformer to the high voltage. After the step-up transformer is changed to the voltage we need, the power consumption equipment is transmitted through the distribution equipment.

Generally speaking, the meter box is equipped with a metering watt hour meter, and the cabinet is provided with a special lead seal. The metering Department of the power supply company cannot open it at will. The distribution box is equipped with electric switch, and the cabinet door is not sealed.


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