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Did you choose the right meter box for your home?

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With the development of science and technology, the meter boxes are becoming more and more diversified. So what types does it have? How are they different? How can we choose the meter box that suits us?

For now, such boxes mainly include ordinary boxes, glass-type boxes, transparent-type boxes, card-type boxes, prepaid boxes, and the like. The ordinary meter box only plays the role of voltage protection in the family, and there is nothing special about it. It currently has the upper hand for glass-type boxes, and here's what it does:

This is a watch box made of new materials. It has the advantages of good insulation performance, strong ability to prevent combustion, corrosion resistance, and aging resistance. It can prevent the occurrence of fire very well, so that it can effectively reduce the occurrence of fire. In addition, the service life of this voltage box is also very long, it can generally be used for about 35 years. This makes it more affordable for people to use, so it is very popular among people, and now many companies and enterprises have begun to use it.

According to the results of the investigation, the reason for more and more fire accidents is that the electric meter box catches fire due to the excessive current in the circuit, causing serious fires. The plug-in meter box is more convenient to use, and its work is controlled by people plugging in a card. Its insulation effect is better, it has corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, waterproof and other properties. It is mainly applicable to schools. Students in schools can use the electric card to charge and then insert the charged electric card into the meter box to charge the electric charge. This can strengthen the school's management of students' electricity use.

For some transparent meter boxes, this product is made of imported polycarbonate (PC) and imported flame-retardant ABS engineering plastics, which has the advantages of easy management, small size, light weight, anti-electricity theft, and anti-ultraviolet rays. Its main feature is that it is transparent, which makes it easier for people to observe the usage of power and some circuit problems. The setting of such a watch box greatly reduces the occurrence of fires in our country. This style of design is not only more convenient than other styles of watch boxes, but also safer than other watch boxes. That's why we take the transparent meter box as the main product of the company. The quality and price will definitely make your heart beat.

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