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Detailed introduction of the use skills of distribution box

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As the saying goes, no matter what kind of work you do, as long as you work for a long time, you can always sum up some tips. Today's editor put together some tips about the power distribution box. This is a reference for many beginners.


1. When installing the distribution box, the direction of wiring should be conceived in advance. There are many clusters in a single route. If you don't tangent, you don't. Because the more threads there are, the easier it is to loosen.


2. Air switch is used for main switch, and leakage protector is used for the latter series. In this way, every road has insurance leakage, and there is a problem with the toilet at home. It only jumps on one of the roads, and there is always no insurance leakage. In that case, it is easy to check which way has problems, which way jumps, and other circuits have power.


3. After installation, the inner door shall be marked with the name of each circuit. In our family life circuit, kitchen and toilet living room air conditioning and lamp holder and many other circuits are inevitable. If the gate in the distribution box (board) is not marked with the circuit name, it will bring inconvenience to the use and maintenance. If it is not suitable for the wrong gate, it is prone to safety accidents.


4. When wiring, do not leak copper below. Because there is the term creepage distance in the circuit, when we construct the circuit, we usually leave space on all the materials in and out of the cable, and do not tighten it at one time. In that case, the wiring is very inconvenient in the later inspection.


5. Pay attention to the influence of environmental temperature on low-voltage electrical appliances. The low voltage apparatus in the distribution box is composed of fuse, AC contactor, residual current operated protector, capacitor and meter. The upper limit of ambient air temperature is below 40 ℃, the lower limit of ambient air temperature is above - 5 ℃ or below - 25 ℃, and the average value of ambient air temperature in 24 hours is below 35 ℃.


6. The working zero line of the distribution box can be connected to the copper bar. The distribution box separated from the protective zero line connection terminal board, the metal box of the switch box, the installation board of the metal electrical equipment, the metal base of the electrical equipment in the box, and the box must be connected to the protective zero line.



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