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Characteristics of small power distribution unit (SPDU) design

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The design of the small power distribution unit (SPDU) usually has the following characteristics: First, the material selection is usually fireproof, high temperature resistant, and insulating engineering plastics or metals to ensure safety and reliability. Secondly, the box structure design should consider waterproofing and dustproofing to ensure stable operation under various environmental conditions. In order to facilitate installation and maintenance, the box is usually designed to be open and has a mechanical structure that is easy to open and close. In terms of appearance design, surface coating or anti-corrosion treatment may be used to consider aesthetics and durability. In addition, small power distribution unit (SPDU) are usually designed with appropriate heat dissipation structures to keep the internal temperature within a safe range. Finally, the size and structure of the box must comply with relevant standards to adapt to the installation of different types of meters and ensure the normal operation and maintenance of the meters.

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