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Can meter boxes and fire hydrant boxes be neighbors?

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The meter box is a power supply metering device, which is required by every household. Fire hydrant boxes are used to place fire-fighting tools, which are divided into indoor and outdoor ones. They can be seen everywhere in public places, office buildings, workshops, schools and hospitals; Fire hydrants shall be placed in public shared spaces such as corridors or halls. Obstacles shall not be set in front of them to avoid affecting the opening of fire hydrant doors.

The outdoor fire hydrant is a water supply facility set on the fire water supply pipe network outside the building, which is mainly used for fire trucks to take water from the municipal water supply pipe network or the outdoor fire water supply pipe network to extinguish the fire. It can also be directly connected with water hoses and water guns to extinguish the fire.

With the coming of winter, the temperature drops, people have more opportunities to use large functional electrical appliances, and fire accidents are also increasing. There are many cases of fire in the meter box due to various reasons. The installation of the meter box is the beginning of the user's electricity use. The source of the fire accident due to improper electricity use and other reasons, and the fire hydrant is the end of the fire. How about installing the meter box and fire hydrant closer?

The safe distance between the meter box and the fire hydrant is not specified, but the Fire Protection Law stipulates that it is strictly prohibited to install the water source and the power supply at the same location. Because the water source is afraid of leakage, the power supply should be kept away from the range of 5M as far as possible, so the meter box and the fire hydrant box should not be neighbors.

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