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Block everything for you - the tenderness of the meter box

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We all know how important electricity is to us. If there is no electricity, we can only light it with candles, let alone watch TV and play with mobile phones. The generation of electricity is followed by the birth of electricity meter and electricity meter box. Electricity meter is an instrument to record how much electricity is used in a certain period of time, which is also the basis for us to pay electricity bills every month. As the name suggests, the meter box is the box containing the meter. The relationship between the meter and the meter box is like eyelashes and eyeballs. One side protects the other.

1. The meter box can block dust

Electricity meter is a kind of instrument. If it is covered with dust, its function will be affected. Smart humans find its guardian for the meter - the meter box. In my area, the common meter boxes are often in the stairwell of residential buildings. The users' meters of that building will be installed there, but there will be a lot of dust when the stairwell is not cleaned by a specially assigned person and outdoors. There are layers of black dust on the meter boxes. Even though they are covered with dirt, the meter is still as clean as new, which is one of the tenderness of the meter box.

2. The meter box can prevent external damage

The production cost of meter box is actually very low, and a meter box can protect the meter of a building, which is one of the reasons why meters are widely used. There are bear children all over the world. Bear children always have infinite curiosity and action. They will study when they see an electric meter. Therefore, even if the meter is generally placed high, the meter box is locked to prevent this from happening. Generally, the meter box is locked, so even if a child can touch the meter box, it will not damage the meter inside. But I also often see scratches on the meter box, stuck by eaten gum and so on. Blocking everything for the meter is also the tenderness of the meter box.


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