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Application safety of distribution box and switch box

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1. Distribution box and switch box should be installed firmly to facilitate the actual operation and maintenance.


2. For floor mounted distribution box and switch box, the setting address should be flat and higher than the road surface, and there should be no accumulation of dirt around them.


3. The three-phase five wire outlet and group outlet should be built at the bottom or side of the box. The transformer grounding wire of switching power supply should be threaded through the pipe and provided with moisture-proof elbow.


4. The transmission line in the box should have good insulation layer, neat order, fixed and consolidated, and the edge of the transmission line should be connected with screws or sleeve.


5. The distribution box with three control circuits shall be equipped with main switch and separate switch. Each branch knife switch shall not be connected with two or two left and right electrical equipment, and shall not be used by two or two left and right operation groups.


6. Lighting lamps and distribution boxes with integrated driving force shall be equipped with knife switch or other kinds of power switches respectively.


6. The communication contactor, knife switch, power switch and other electrical equipment installed in the distribution box and switch box should be in a flexible posture, with good and reliable touch, and the circuit breaker has no serious crevice corrosion.



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