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Analyze the consequences of direct installation of ready board without inspection

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Consequence: the lighting ready board (board) is not inspected when entering the site, and it is often found after installation that the second floor board has no special grounding bolt, the cross section of the protective ground wire is small, the openable door equipped with electrical appliances is not reliably connected with the metal frame with bare copper flexible wire, the connection between the wire and the appliance is not firm, there is reverse coil phenomenon, the screw nut does not need galvanized parts, and the wire diameter of the wire does not meet the requirements, No color code identification, no card cabinet and electrical circuit diagram, unreasonable appliance layout and spacing, no N and PE terminal blocks, etc. Further modification of the delayed construction period also affects the quality.

Measures: firstly, when processing and ordering, the technical requirements in line with the design, specifications and standards shall be put forward to the manufacturer, and the manufacturer shall make samples, which can be produced after passing the acceptance; The products shall be inspected and accepted in strict accordance with the requirements of design, specifications and standards when entering the site, and the installation shall be carried out after confirmation.


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