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After receiving the low-voltage distribution cabinet, don't rush to install it. The inspection is normal

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With the development of modernization, more and more low-voltage distribution cabinet manufacturers continue to develop all kinds of low-voltage distribution cabinets that appear in our life. However, for this material, relevant precautions have attracted people's attention. For more information, see the following introduction to the manufacturer of high and low voltage distribution cabinets.

The low-voltage distribution cabinet first has a distribution board made of non combustible materials. Open distribution boards can be installed in production sites and offices with low risk of electric shock; In the processing workshop with high risk of electric shock or poor operating environment, closed cabinets shall be installed in castings, forgings, heat treatment parts, boiler room, carpentry room and other places; Enclosed or explosion-proof electrical facilities must be installed in hazardous workplaces with conductive dust or flammable and explosive gases; The electrical components, instruments, switches and lines of low-voltage distribution cabinet and distribution board shall be arranged in order, firmly installed and easy to operate.

The intelligent distribution cabinet monitors the current of each output branch in real time, and can set the early warning value of abnormal current of each output branch, such as 16A switch. In addition, the hot pluggable circuit breaker is used for the output branch, which can find the hidden danger of fault or human operation in advance, so as not to turn off the power supply in case of overload, resulting in the power failure of the whole cabinet. It has the ability to adjust the phase of power supply, can easily realize the flexible adjustment of three-phase imbalance, can also increase the output branch online and replace the switch under the condition of uninterruptible power supply. The above is a brief analysis of relevant precautions of low-voltage distribution cabinet. It can also be understood from other angles.

After the customer purchases the distribution cabinet, the manufacturer will deliver it to the site. During use, there will be customer inspection problems, which will cause unnecessary trouble to both parties. Therefore, how to check the distribution cabinet depends on the disassembly first. For the packaged distribution cabinet, please carefully check the specific quantity and specification according to the design drawing and imitation list, and accurately check whether it meets the basic requirements. And check whether accessories and spare parts are complete. After unpacking the distribution cabinet, the technical data documents must be checked, such as factory certificate, imitation act and internal wiring diagram. After unpacking the distribution cabinet, move the number of the distribution cabinet to the installation position of the substation one by one according to the design drawings.

After the distribution cabinet is placed on the channel steel, the height of the cabinet shall be roughly adjusted with a thin iron pad. On one of the cabinets, adjust the remaining cabinets so that the gap between all cabinets is uniform. The main busbars and instruments on the distribution cabinet are matched with the switchyard and can also be manufactured according to the design drawings on the construction site. The connection of the main bus of the distribution cabinet, the connection between the main bus and the downstream bus, the bolt connection between the bus and the instrument, and some dynamic compound grease on the connection surface of the bus, the tightening degree of the bolts and the actual connection surface. For the connection conditions, use a torque wrench to tighten the bolts according to the specified torque value to achieve the purpose of restraint.

The installation method of trolley type distribution cabinet is basically the same as that of fixed cabinet. The difference is to better ensure the interchangeability of trolleys. The moving contacts of each trolley type must be adjusted and in close contact to better ensure interchangeability. Check the plugs and contacts of the secondary circuit of the high and low voltage distribution cabinet, and the welding is relatively reliable. The grounding device of the trolley shall be in good contact with the fixed frame of the distribution cabinet, and the control cable in the cabinet shall be firmly fixed without affecting the movement of the trolley.


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