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A few points that the user must know about home decoration distribution board

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With the accelerated development of urbanization, the housing conditions of rural people have been greatly improved. They used to live in bungalows, but now they can live in community buildings. Once the dirty and messy environment in rural areas has been changed, the happiness index of most village names has been significantly improved. If they want to live in buildings at ease, household electricity consumption should not be underestimated, and electricity safety should be put in the first place. Today, I'd like to introduce some tips on home decoration distribution board to the user.

1. Select distribution board

Before choosing the home decoration distribution board, you should first know how many circuits you have in your home and how you want to control. For example, there are 9 circuits in our home. In the commonly used distribution board, there must be two total air switches and two overvoltage protection. In addition, nine circuits occupy 18. The total number is 22. When selecting distribution cabinets in the market, we should select at least 22 cabinets to meet our most basic needs.

2. Configure distribution board

The area of the unit building is generally between 60 square meters and 150 square meters, which is really not spacious compared with the rural bungalows. In such a small space, the home decoration distribution board needs to carry the current of the main switch 63A, the current of the air conditioner 32a, the current of the socket 20A, the current of the living room 32a, the current of the toilet 25A, the current of the kitchen 25a and the current of the lighting 10 to 16A. Therefore, the distribution board needs to be configured correctly.

3. Install the distribution board

The home decoration distribution board is generally installed at a position 1.85M away from the ground, which is not easy to install and too low, so as to avoid the accidental touch of children at home and cause injury. Similarly, if it is installed too high, it is inconvenient to use at ordinary times, and it needs to be opened and closed with the help of a small stool. At the same time, during installation, the trunking shall be ironed, and the later pipe laying shall be filled with cement mortar, so as not to cause hollowing and wall cracking.


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